Create Your Own Spectacular Living Wall Planter Indoors: A Comprehensive Guide


Embrace the refreshing greenery of the outdoors in the comfort of your home with a living wall planter indoor. In this comprehensive guide, we will expertly walk you through the process of creating a stunning vertical garden indoors. You not only gain a beautiful piece of living art but also become privy to the numerous benefits that indoor plants offer.

The Concept of a Living Wall Planter Indoor: An Overview

A living wall planter indoor harbours a plethora of plants in a vertically suspended panel attached to a wall. Originating from the concept of vertical gardens designed by Professor Patrick Blanc, this form of indoor gardening offers an extraordinarily unique aesthetic to any indoor space. From purifying your indoor air to creating a calming space, the benefits of having a living wall are endless.

Why opt for a Living Wall Planter Indoor?

Before diving into the how-to’s of creating a living wall, understanding why you should invest in one can be insightful. A living wall planter indoor not only enhances your indoor décor but also provides substantial health benefits. Indoor plants are known to work wonders in purifying the indoor air by eliminating harmful chemicals, improving concentration and productivity, reducing stress levels and boosting your mood.

Materials and Tools required for a Living Wall Indoor Planter

To create a successful living wall planter indoor, certain materials and tools are indispensable. An appropriate frame or hanging planter, potting soil, selection of indoor plants, watering cans, and do not forget your gardening gloves. Our guide will further elaborate on how to correctly use these materials for the best results.

10 Steps to Create a Spectacular Living Wall Planter Indoor

Our meticulously detailed steps aim to provide you with a clear pathway to create your perfect living wall planter indoor.

1. Select an appropriate location

The first step to creating any indoor garden is selecting a suitable location. Be mindful of the light exposure, proximity to a water source and the structural stability of the wall.

2. Choose the ideal plants

Choosing the right plants is critical for the success of your wall planter. Opt for low maintenance plants that thrive well in indoor conditions such as ferns, ivies, and pothos.

3. Create your supportive structure

This step involves designing your supportive framework that will house the plants. This could be a wooden or metal grid or pre-made vertical gardening kits.

4. Preparing the plants

After you have chosen your plants, the next step is to prepare them for planting. This includes cleaning the roots and pruning any dead leaves.

5. Planting the plants

The next step involves the process of meticulously planting the chosen plants into the medium of your structure. Be gentle and mindful of the fragile roots.

6. Watering

Watering your freshly planted plants is crucial for their survival. Make sure to water thoroughly and evenly.

7. Maintenance

The maintenance involves routine care of your plants, watering, pruning, and fertilising as necessary. Keeping a close check on their condition, adjusting their exposure to light and replacing any dead plants are also part of the process.

8. Bringing it all together

After all the preparation and care comes the exciting part—mounting the fully-grown living wall on your chosen indoor location

9. Regular check-up

Conduct a regular check-up of your indoor planter. This includes looking for any plant diseases, pests, or any signs of malnutrition.

10. Enjoy your work!

Finally, enjoy the stunning artwork you’ve created. Admire, relax, and breathe in the fresh air.

Final Words

An indoor living wall planter is an exceptional addition to your interiors. Following our detailed guide creates an opportunity to imbue a new aura of beauty and environmental friendliness into your home. So, let’s get planting and nurture a greener home for a greener tomorrow!

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